Product Definition

SUPER X 412 isa Modified Lignosulfonate based chemical admixture presenting high range water reducing and super plasticizing in Portland cement mixtures


SUPER X 412 is recommended for use m the applications and purposes below.
  • To increase the flowability and workability of concrete without increasing water content.
  • To decrease slump-loss and enhance the workability
  • Ready-mixedconcrete applications.
  • Concretes designed for sections of closely spaced and congested reinforcing steel.
  • Drying retarder in hot weather
  • For concrete transported over long distances.

Advantages and Properties

  • is a Modified Lignosulfonate based chemical admixture designed for enhancing workability of concrete.
  • Has water-reducing and plasticizing on concrete. Adding SUPER X 412 in an appropriate dosage to concrete without reducing water content can produce a mixture with higher slump.