HEZ C785

HEZ C785

Product Definition

Is a polycarboxylate based high range water reducing/super plasticizing and hardening accelerating type of chemical admixture designed for applications which high workability and early and ultimate strength development are simultaneously needed


Is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
  • Ready-mix concrete production requiring high workability.
  • Concrete production in low water to binder ratio and high workability class.
  • Concreting works requiring high early and ultimate strength.
  • Heavily reinforced structural elements such as shear walls, columns and beams.
  • Wet-mix shotcrete applications.
  • Concreting applications requiring early demolding.
  • Precast concrete industry.

Advantages and Properties

  • Provides an effective dispersion of cement particles due to the electrostatic repulsion mechanism.
  • HEZ C785 is a chemical admixture which, without affecting the consistency, permits a high reduction in the water content of a given concrete, or which, without affecting the water content, increases the slump/flow considerably, or produces both effects simultaneously.