Product Definition

HYPER W 303 is a chemical admixture which, without affecting the consistency, permits a high reduction m the water content of a given concrete, or which, without affecting the water content, increases the slump/flow considerably, or produces both effects simultaneously.


HYPER W 303 is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
  • For improving workability and placing of conventional fresh concrete.
  • For improving placing of concrete designed for slabs
  • Ready-mixed concrete production.
  • Normal reinforced concrete elements such as column, shear wall and beam.  Drying retarder in hot weather
  • For concrete transported over long distances

Advantages and Properties

  • HYPER W 303 is a modified polymer based general purpose chemical admixture designed for improving workability of fresh concrete without increasing water content.
  • HYPER W 303 increases the flowability of fresh concrete without causing segregation.