HEZ X 106

Product Definition

HEZ X 106 is polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer / superplasticizer type of chemical admixture designed for the production of very flowable concretes (S5 workability class) or self- compacting concretes. HEZ X 106 provides very high flowability and slump retention performance.


HEZ X 106 is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
  • Concrete production in very high workability classes
  • Self-compacting concrete production.
  • Ready-mixed concrete production.
  • Drying retarder in hot weather
  • Concretes designed for sections having closely spaced and congested reinforcing steel. Concrete production in low water to cement ratio without slump loss.
  • High strength concrete production

Advantages and Properties 

  • HEZ X 106 is a modified polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer, superplasticizer type of chemical admixture designed for making very flowable concrete and selfcompacting concrete.
  • Thanks to its specially designed and optimized chemical structure it has a very effective dispersion effect of cement particles and prevents the flocculation. This mechanism makes HEZ X 106 a very effective dispersant to obtain self-compatibility in very low water to cement ratios.