Product Definition

Is a polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer / superplasticizer type of chemical admixture for concrete. permits a high reduction in water content of a given concrete compared to a reference concrete mixture without chemical admixture Increases slump/flow of the mixture having the same amount of mixing water


HYPER W695 is recommended for use in the applications below:
  • Heavily reinforced concrete structural sections requiring concrete mixtures with high workability and consistency classes.
  • Ready-Mixed concrete production requiring high plasticity and less workability loss.
  • In applications requiring broad-range concrete design for strength enhancement, improved workability and minimizing cement content

Advantages and Properties

  • HYPER W695 provides more homogeneous distribution of cement particles mainly due to the steric effects of its side chains.
  • Reduces the agglomeration of cement particles and improves the flow ability