Project Info
  • Construction Date: 2023
  • Location: Iraq,zakho
  • Category: Labboratury Equipments
  • AIR ENTRAINMENT METER : Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine air content of fresh concrete. Air Entrainment Meter consists of an aluminum cylindrical vessel with airtight cover assembly incorporating an air pump, a precision pressure gauge and valves. Capacity is 7 lt or 8 lt and Air content range is 0 – 100%. Lightweight, compact and durable, this meter allows quick clamping system and testing with few pump strokes. Air Entrainment Meter is not affected by change in atmospheric pressures. The meter measures up to 22% entrained air. The container can be used also for unit weight measures of fresh concrete and aggregates. Air Entrainment Meter supplied complete with Tamping Rod and Straight Edge. Carrying Case should be ordered separately.
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